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"We at EquineEssentials believe that it is equally important to pay attention to what we put on the outside as well as what we put inside our bodies.  That's why we focus on nourishing ingredients that are rich in proteins, amino acids, vitamins and the essential fatty acids, Omega 3 and 6."


EquineEssentials was born out of it's founder, Joanne Cummings, passion for horses. After years of using products containing harsh ingredients, she often had to deal with sore, chapped hands as well as allergies and dermatitis.  Her philosophy:  "If these products did that to me – they couldn’t be good for the horses either".   She started to look more closely what is in most of these products and didn't like what she discovered. 

While operating a “lay up” farm in Eastern Ontario, where horses come for rest and rehabilitation, she began searching for more user friendly products and found them lacking. She began experimenting, formulating her own horse care products.  She strived to use gentle, nourishing ingredients based on natural ingredients like essential oils, botanicals and natural oils and discovered that they were not only effective, but her skin problems were eliminated.

Skin is like a sponge, absorbing what we apply to it whether it be chemicals, toxins, pollutants or nutrients.  Animals with coats actually have thinner skin than humans.  As we are aware, many horses are considered "thin skinned" and are quite sensitive to what we apply on them. 

With the assistance of the research team of Natunola Health Inc. who specialize in developing cosmetic formulations using patented agri-processing technology, we created effective grooming solutions that are soothing and nourishing.

In September, 2008, Natunola Health Inc. acquired the rights to product, market and develop the Equine Essentials/FlaxSheen product lines. 

Uniquely Canadian, we are leading the way in formulating the next generation of grooming solutions – gentle, soothing,  and nourishing - while eliminating the need for petrolatum and silicones through the use of revolutionary, nutrient rich ingredients.

Manufactured in Eastern Ontario, EquineEssentials Canada products are cost-effective (a little goes a long way! ), environmentally responsible and user friendly.  Not only will you appreciate their gentleness and enticing aromas, your horses will too!   

As we say, our products are “Endorsed by a Horse” , learn more about our beautiful model horses.  Check out the Testimonials page to see what customers have to say!

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