Earlier this year we had an "Equine Model Search" for our product labels, we would like to introduce you to our finalists:

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FlaxSheen Horse Shampoo :


OUR ORIGINAL "Edorsed by a Horse!" MODEL

Earl Grey aka "Paddy" our original Model

(Amurath Baikal (x *Bask) x N.V. Masira (x Bey Shah+)

1998 Grey Purebred Arabian Stallion

US National Top Ten Futurity Colt 2001; Eastern Canadian Breeders Champion Stallion 2001; Region 16 Top 5 Stallion 2001; Region 18 Champion Stallion 2004.  Sire of Yearling Sweepstakes Champion, Regional Champions and Eastern Canadian Breeders Champions.

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FlaxSheen Moisturizing Mist :


Cindrl aka "Cindi Lou Hoo"
FPS/FHANA Registered Friesian

Age:  7

Height:  171 cm
Favorite Treat:  "Food of any sort! She is a Friesian after all."
Discipline:  Retired, Broodmare, Actively showing or trail riding, etc......
Dressage and a foal now and then.

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"Cindrl had the most perfect colt July 26, 2007 by the deceased Grand
Prix Dressage Friesian Stallion Goffert 369. His name is "Xenophon SMF"
(pronounced Zen O Fen) after the Greek "Xenophon" who is known for his
writings about classical dressage.  At the 2007 FPS Keuring September 21, 2007 "Zen" was awarded 1st
Premier and Reserve Champion. This is an honour and something not often
awarded." ~ Sandra Perry


HoofSense Hoof Balm :


Registered Paint

Age: 7

Height: 15 hh

Favorite Treat: carrots

Discipline:  Does lots of trail riding in Algonquin Park.

"Austin is a special boy because he trail rides every day in the summer and most of the people who ride him,  its one of their first exposures to riding a horse and if he makes it pleasent for them, then they are more likely to do it again, maybe really get involved and get their own horse or sign up for lessons, once they get home from their vacation.  He is one of the many horses who's job is to introduce people to the wonderful world of horses and riding."

~ Tammy Donaldson

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Heel-It Soothing Salve:


Arabian x QH.  

A Very Well Loved Rescue

"AngelBear is very special to me. She has become my personal horse. I trust her so much. I will tell you how she got her name. I was asked at the kitchener auction to save this mare. I did not look at her, just saw her come in and bid out the meat man for her. Went home prepared a stall while husband went back to get her with the trailer. When she came in the barn, I saw her real beauty. I said"My goodness she has the face of a angel" and over time I have learned when I am upset or cry she hugs me. Hence "AngelBear" ~Elsa Harper


MuscleSpa Massage Gel:


Sonny's Mist Morning aka "Pistol"

Breed : Appendix Quarter Horse
Age : 14
Height : 15.3 hh
Favourite Treat : Apple Snax!!!  But she will eat anything and beg even if she doesn't like it.
Discipline: Trail/Pleasure horse, Pet.  Back in the day she did some Eventing and Dressage.  She enjoys kids and gives pony rides.




"She absolutely LOVES to play ball even though I think she is trying to kill it."

~ Catherine de Montmorency