Along the way at tradeshows, horse shows and events, we have met some very interesting and wonderful people that have products or services that we would like to share with you.

Hanging Horse Treats

We board a retired Standardbred at our farm named Puppy.  He is intact, therefore is turned out alone and because of past injuries, spends a lot of time in his stall.  I gave him one of Jimmys Hanging Balls for Christmas and he had a blast trying to get at it.  It kept him busy for weeks!

Very, very handy for those of you that travel to shows.  They are strong yet light and fold-up nice and neatly for storage.


A highly absorbent horse bedding which helps to reduce your bedding consumption as well as cleaning time and quantity of disposal.  This bedding will make excellent compost, enabling you to recycle that unslightly manure pile!

Equest Custom Trailers

It's time to design your dream trailer. Go ahead – you'll receive great value and quality as well as custom design.  We want you to be completely satisfied with your Equest Trailer, and we will work with you through design, delivery and follow-up to ensure you are.