Getting that show horse shine with FlaxSheen



                                             Redwine  Photo by: Dragonfyne©


Day before or morning of show:

  1. Wash entire body, mane and tail with FlaxSheen Shampoo, avoiding the eyes.
  2. Let lather sit on white areas for 2-3 minutes to help remove stains.
  3. Rinse thoroughly.
  4. Scrape off excess water with scraper and by running your hand down the back of the legs (helps prevent heel cracks).
  5. Spray entire coat, mane and tail with FlaxSheen Moisturizing Mist, avoiding the eyes.
  6. Let dry, follow by thorough grooming and buffing with lint free towel.
  7. Apply Hoof-Sense to hooves for a natural shine.
  8. Apply Heel-It to muzzle and around eyes for enhancement.  The lavender is calming and deters flies.


FlaxSheen Moisturizing Mist is excellent for touchs ups the morning before a show:

Other Tips: