EquineEssentials really is “Endorsed by a Horse”!

Earl Grey
1998 Purebred Arabian Stallion
Amurath Baikal x N.V. Masira

Earl Grey is proudly bred and owned by Rideaufield Farms of Merrickville, Ontario. A most successful show horse and sire, Earl Grey was the 2001 US National Top Ten Futurity Champion Colt and Eastern Canadian Breeders Champion Stallion. In 2004, he was named Region 18 Champion Stallion. His foals showing have been Champion in Canada and the United States. Visit www.rideaufield.com for more information.

“Getting a grey coat to shine is no easy task... We use both FlaxSheen Horse Shampoo and Coat Conditioner from EquineEssentials by Harmony… and Earl Grey does shine!”
Janie Greenberg and Terry Ekdahl

All Earl Grey photos on this site are courtesy of Terry Ekdahl.


What Our Customers Are Saying:

I had friends in Canada send me the Flaxsheen shampoo and I love the way it makes my black Hanoverian stallion Redwine's coat shine.  It's gets him very clean without taking away his natural shine.  Thanks for producing such a great product.    Photo's by Draygonfyne. 
Jill Burnell

324 Hannan Ranch Lane Petaluma, CA  94952

  www.grayfoxfarms.com for more information.



"I am another satisfied customer and have been for the past 2 years. I have a coming three old Pinto Dutch bred, but registered CSH gelding who loves the mud and being a show horse I know I can always count on your FlaxSheen Shampoo to get him ready for the ring. This is especially true the day of Royal Winter Fair 2005 when he placed 6th out 12 in the highly competitive yearling colt of 2004 division. He truly did shine and no better day then the day at the show of shows! I also have just bought another show horse. This addition to my string will be shown in the FEI 5 year old division in the dressage ring and I used the MuscleSpa product after he came off the plane and while he was in quarantine. I also use this on my client's horse that is in for training and everyday I am thrilled with the product as I'm not afraid to use it on any horse or recommend it to anybody."

Paula Fedeyko


"Pigs are known for their tough, itchy skin. I use Flaxsheen on my potbelly, Bella, to moisturize her coat and shine her hair. The aroma relaxes her, the natural ingredients really help her skin -- and I have the prettiest pig in town thanks to Flaxsheen!"  

Lauren Del Sarto, LTD Equestrian Ranches

Morgan Hill, California



After using many other shampoos and conditioners with little success, I was very impressed with the flaxsheen shampoo. 

Other products left my horses coat dull and dry, while flaxsheen left it silky and soft.  Even the faded hair seemed shiney and healthy again.  Flaxsheen lathers very well, therefore not as much was needed as the other products.  There was definitely a much healthier looking coat on my horse for at least a week after using the flaxsheen product than ever before!  I am very happy with the product and i will continue to use it this season and for many more!!



Wow! Yourhorse shampoo and conditioners really put a shine on my horse's coat! Malibu Barbie is hard to get to shine, but after using your shampoo, her coat blooms with health. Flaxsheen shampoo even got out the
tough grass and urine stains my mare always gets, leaving a silky soft, shiny clean coat, mane and tail. Thanks for the great product, this one's a keeper!
Heather Frydendahl



I have been very happy with the results of the HoofSense.  Applying it after my horse has been shod helps keep his hoof looking healthy and the product does not seep down into the nail holes and attract as much dirt to the surface.  During this time of year I also found another use for it as my horse was rubbing his tail so I rubbed the HoofSense into the top underside of his dock and it has reduced the rubbing significantly!  I really like it and will continue to use it for all the multiple uses I've found!

Ron & Renee King at Blueprint Farms


"As compared to any other horse products, EquineEssentials not only meets the match but offers the satisfaction in knowing that your horse's health and shine is brought to you through nature's roots."
Paul Halpern and the Staff of Stable 54




"The Eastern Ontario Quarter Horse Association is proud to have Equine Essentials as a major sponsor. The quality Canadian products are not only effective but smell wonderful too. Equine Essentials makes bath time for horses and people a wonderful experience"

EOQHA www.eoqha.com

"I've had a long history of sharing hair care products with my horse, however FlaxSheen is the first horse product that I've moved from the horse trailer shower into my shower at home. For my horse and I, our sorrel manes look and feel their best when we use Equine Essential (FlaxSheen) products."

Laurie Haughton Epona PR & HG Quarter Horses

"Heel-It is a great product for any kind of cut or abrasion. I found it to work better than "vulkatan" and it costs a lot less. I even use it in the winter on my own dry cracked hands. I love it, try it it works."

Liz Adamson, Circle J Ranch

"I am a senior citizen,with very dry skin and a very busy schedule, judging Dressage shows all over Canada and the U.S.A. ...finding some time to school my own dressage horse, "Gulliver",as well as organize classical music concerts for local elementary schools .   I very rarely have time to sit still, and I must say that this wonderful shower gel, which I use in the bath..really does help me relax.  I love the hand-body lotion as well, mostly because it absorbs so quickly (I did say I was always rushing!)..it takes all the dryness out of my skin and the delicate herbal fragrance is a plus !! It will be wonderful to use this summer after gardening."

Lynda Southam

"We washed our golden retreiver, Dexter, with your shampoo and his coat is beautiful, soft and shiney, also we used the coat spray when he has hot spots, it helped to dry it up.  Great products!" 

Anne & Bill Lyon


"Hi!  I wanted to share this with you;  we took Honey to Pet Smart for a grooming session at Christmas.  We didn't bring her FlaxSheen with us and they used their regular shampoo.  Honey wasn't near as shiney or soft as she is when we bath her at home."

Roma Gravelle and Honey


We breed, raise, train & show paint horses, so being clean and white is real important. We have alot of color on our horses. We were thrilled with being chosen to "Test drive" the new Equine Essentials product.   The product was very effective in grooming and conditioning coats. The effects lasted for many days. The white came very white, the coat was soft and mane & tails tangle free & shiny after using both shampoo & conditioner.  A little of the shampoo went a long way. We still have 3/4 in the shampoo bottle after washing 5 horses! It did not take alot of product to produce a good lather and rinsed away easy. Other shampoos if not rinsed throughly tended to leave a dry,dull coat.  I often choose not to use shampoo for that reason. But knowing we were conditioning as well as cleaning the hair & skin made us more accepting of using the product on a more regular basis. Equine essentials was time saving as it rinsed easily with only one rinse.

Thank you for allowing us to test drive this great product & we look forward to purchasing more in the future."

~Bruce & Laura Martin, Maddison Olsen, Kate Breese and Sue Lahye and all the Painted River Ranch paint horses that helped with the product panel!  

Product Panel results in the May/07 issue of Western Horse Review!

"Hello!! We're all out of the FlaxSheen Spray-on Coat Conditioner that Walt bought at the Sept CanAm. We LOVE it and we're bragging about it to all our horse friends! Much to my surprise, Walt is actually brushing his horses' manes and tails! (he used to just hurry up and brush what he had to and slap the saddle on) He saw what the flaxsheen did to my horses and he tried it and used up the whole bottle! Thanks for the great product!

Sincerely, Gisela

Hi:  Here is a picture of Cn.Ch.Graudean Indigo Silversmith (Maggie)  I always sprayed her before showing her in conformation.  FlaxSheen works GREAT does everything and more on her coat. Thanks
John R.Dean
Graudean Weimaraners



"As compared to any other horse products, EquineEssentials not only meets the match but offers the satisfaction in knowing that your horse's health and shine is brought to you through nature's roots."
Paul Halpern and the Staff of Stable 54

“I have washed my hair daily with FlaxSheen shampoo for the past year, and I don’t even own a horse! It gives my fine hair body and control. I love it!”
Lucy Ladouceur

“I have used the FlaxSheen shampoo on four different horses, with positive results on all four! They all had a healthy shine to their coats, and even days later, after only one shampoo, I could still smell the citronella on them. I will use this again in the future for sure! I may even try it on my Golden Retreiver!”
Melody Hay

“The FlaxSheen shampoo is wonderful! Beautiful aroma, good lather. It left their coats shiny and their manes and tails full and silky… wouldn’t change a thing. I will use it over the one I have been using for the past year… just as good and smells better!”
V. Findlay

" HoofSense conditioner is great! Easy to apply… not greasy or oily. I used it for a week on Flip’s front hooves and they are in much better shape. They have a nice finish and his heels are healthy looking… even in this damp weather!”
V. Findlay  

"I love EquineEssentials products.  My personal favorite is FlaxSheen shampoo. It rinses off very easily and leaves my mare's coat soft and shiny. I also use it on my black Great Dane.  I strongly recommend FlaxSheen shampoo to all horse and dog owners."
Chantal Jones

“Overall, I’m quite impressed with FlaxSheen. Yesterday, when I went to get her from her paddock, even though she’d rolled in a small patch of dirt, I could still see the shine coming through! And her really sensitive skin didn’t have any adverse reactions.”
M. Harvey

“I really like the gel form of the FlaxSheen shampoo. It’s easy to get just the right amount and it leaves a great shine on my horse’s coat. It also smells great ! ”
Laura Burtt

FlaxSheen shampoo smells very good! My horse likes the smell too. She was very soft after using it. I can’t wait to try it again on the next wash.”
Kateri Belanger

“I picked up a sample of your FlaxSheen shampoo at the Equine Canada Youth Day at Kemptville College. It’s great! Never made it out to the barn, though. It smells good and works on humans, too!”
Susan Lorden